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Bettery recommendation for Aurion?


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Hi guys,

I am driving Toyota Aurion 2006 and I changed my car battery with Bosch battery from Costco.

When my girlfriend parked the car before she started working yesterday, she might turn on an interior light, I guess,

thus the battery ran out and RACV roadside assistant guy said Bosch battery's capacity is only 550cc compared to others have 600cc.

He printed out the battery test result and asked me to get warranty.

Should I buy a new Bosch battery? or get another battery?

which brand would you guys recommend? in a price range of $100~$150?

thank you.

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CCA relates to the amps they can output when cranking over the engine. The AH, amp hours, informs you how long the battery will last.

For more reading, browse through http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automotive_battery

Personally, I'd just go for whatever half decent brand name I come across. It's not like a kitted out 4wd or similar where you might be running a fridge or winch or other accessories off the battery, just the occasional leaving the lights on trick which'll drain any battery.

What's wrong with the current battery though? When drained flat for a short duration, they usually will recover with a proper overnight charge. Or is it fairly old now? At least three years is what I expect out of batteries, best is 7 years.

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I have been using one of these for ages, 540CCA is more than enough. If you want a quality battery, you will have to pay for it.


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