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Gen5 Camry fog lights installation


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I've bought an aftermarket fog lights kit. Which has a switch, relay, harness and all the rest of it. But when I pulled off the bumper, I found there something, that looks like fog light harnesses.

Does anyone know if they can be reused? The question is, where to connect the switch in that case. I've got Haynes manual with all electrical diagrams and wiring. But don't know what to look for.



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what foglight kit ?

That kit, but they all are pretty much the same: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Camry-02-04-FogLights-Fog-Lights-Lamps-Set-NEW-/260876102630

ideally you can wire it independently.

I certainly can. But if harness is already there, I guess it's a good idea to use it, isn't it?

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entirely up to you if you want to wire it that way, but its much much easier to wire it independently imo

you would need to get this:


as the non foglight one is missing a wire (refer below)


and dont forget you need to get the stalk switch if you want it to work.

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The wiring you found is the fog loom and the wiring is complete up to the fuse box in the cabin. However the stalk wiring, fuse box wiring and the fog light indicator in the cluster wont be there if you have an Altise or Ateva (black clusters) in the cabin. The position for the fog relay is empty on the back of the interior fuse box and the fuse (15A) should already be there but in terms of putting a relay in there and changing the stalk its not going to happen. I managed to use the existing engine bay loom on my 36 camry for fog lights but it involved getting wiring, stalk and relay/relay holder from another car for the cabin side of it and getting creative. I dont have a fog indicator in the cluster but i can see if they are on or not.

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