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a couple of questions


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Hi all,

I own a silver 2008 aurion sportivo sx6 with a sunroof :) i brought the car a bit over 9 months ago from toyota and i'm rather pleased with it so far but iv got a couple of questions i'm hoping someone can answer.

first up is about fuel consumption, friday just past i had the car dropped off for its 90,000k service (not through toyota), prior to this the fuel consumption was anywhere from 9.6 to 11L per 100 and the tank was lasting anywhere form 550-640k's depending on how i drove, after i got the car back from being serviced its now saying i'm using 13.5L+ per 100 but telling me a tank is lasting me anywhere from 620 to 640k's on average.

second is a clunking noise, when i leave for work in the morning a reverse out my driveway, put the car in 'D' and drive off, when it changes gears it makes a clunk noise, it sounds like its coming from around front drivers side wheel area, it does it after i'v revered and for the first gear change only, it does not do it any other time.

has anyone come any of these issues before and found answers?


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The Clunking noise is the computer testing the ABS braking system which happens every time you drive off (about 15kmh ) after starting.

Give the fuel consumption average a while to settle back down the mechanics probably had it idling for a while and took it for a short spin hence the high figures.

The Aurions fuel averages and distance to empty figures have always seemed a bit inconsistent to me compared to other cars I've owned.

Also the fuel consumption figures reset when you fill up and start out right up at the top of the scale, bit silly really.

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ok i'll just put up with the clunking noise

after going through a tank and a half with no change i did a ecu soft reset, filled the tank up and its dropped right down to 8.6L per 100 within 10 minutes of driving :D

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I own a 2008 Aurion Touring model, and have found the fuel consumption calculator to have quite wide error limits, and I always consider the fuel consumption figures to be 'approximate'.

The Distance to empty is also very approximate. it tells you you have only a few k's to go when there is around 15-20% still in the tank.

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