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Hi, after over 10 years of owning a 1991 GXL Turbo Diesel 80 series Cruiser as our main family car, it started having a few problems so we bought a SV6 VE commodore about 3 years ago and use the cruiser as a second car. After a recent holiday in the commodore from central Queensland down to Narrabri, Tamworth, Glen Innes areas we really missed the 4WD because we couldn't see a lot of attractions in those areas because they were on dirt roads and we didn't want to shake the sv6 apart.

So, I've been thinking of getting rid of the sv6 and probably the 80 Series as well and buying another newer 4WD and I'd really like to stick to Toyota. Probably looking at something 2008 or a bit later so that probably rules out a cruiser as they would be too dear for us atm.

So, that brings us to a Prado. I've been reading as much as I can in forums and reviews and am a bit concerned about some of the stuff I am reading. Problems with the body cracking when fitting a bullbar or 2nd battery, oil sludge and slow pick up on the highway in the turbo diesel. Are they really a problem with the Prado or just a specific model? Can someone please shed some light on this for me so i can make an informed decision on what to get.

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well ive just bought my 2005 turbo diesel prado and i love it filled it up in brisbane drove to noosa then up the beach to inskip point (about 200 ks of sand driving) then all the way down to newcastle it has a snorkel and a bulbar otherwise all standard and ive now done 1300 ks and have just over a 1/4 of a tank to go

overtaking was easy even up hill

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I love my old Prado.

seems to go forever. Its a 2000 3litre TDi. I find that it is slow in accelerating, but I've not noticed the

other issues you've mentioned. I've got 420K on the clock, and have had one cracked head and two front diff's

replaced. Starter motor has started playing up, and the duco on the paint is flaking in a couple of places.

My last set of BFG AT's lasted 110K. Two tanks, (90 and 69 litres) I get about 1300km before I worry about

refilling. Tows my boat or caravan pretty well.


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