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Aftermarket Dvd installation


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I have been searching the internet for a while now for info on installing an aftermarket dvd player in our 2013 Kluger Grande..We purchased a Clarion VTM1 as it has USB and AV inputs for multimedia and an FM modulator. We plan on hooking up a WDTV 1TB live hub

First problem was trying to get the factory dvd monitor cover off as Toyota rep suggested that it was attached somehow to roof lining. But it is not, just clips in very tightly, so a good pull got it off intact.

2nd problem was the fact that the new Clarion is too small in dimension to cover the existing hole in the roof lining, my bad, but in doing a bit more research have realized that 90% of aftermarket monitors are too small for the massive hole Toyota has cut.

We have opted to make a tin plate fascia and paint it black, hopefully it will look alright when it dries overnight. If not, I am out of ideas on how to cover hole?? I don't think I could put in a rear overhead console because 1. i cant find one on the internet and 2. probably wouldn't work cause of the sunroof.

Anyway, I am sure i will probably encounter more hiccups tomorrow :unsure:

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