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Camry MCV36R New Alloy wheels 15 x 6.5 inch on Ebay Any Good?


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Ballarat Toyota are selling on Ebay 15 x 6.5 alloy wheels to suit Camery MCV36R the price for a set of four wheels (Rims), Centre Caps and wheel nuts is $410 including shipping Australia wide. These rims and included parts are brand new original Toyota (Atlas.brand).


I was very tempted to buy a set for my 2005 Camry Altise and like to know your thoughts on this offer. I am wondering why these rims are being sold so cheap by a Toyota dealer? Any catch in this deal?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your reply Jeffy. I am a mature age person and 15 inch wheels should be ok for me. I wanted to know why a Toyota dealer is selling OEM wheels so cheap? I am sure OEM wheels will cost much more than $410 for a set of 4 rims with centre caps and nuts.

If I change to 16 inch wheels, my speedometer will not read correct speed I think. I know people upgrade to higher diameter wheels, in such cases how they manage to know correct road speed? Is there any adjustment

to make speedometer reascorrect road speed?

Hope to hear from others as well.


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Price is probably average and they likely priced to cover shipping cost. That is about it - stock rims are generally not a hot item.

When you changing wheels, you changing tires to compensate. While your wheel gets bigger, tire profile gets smaller. Eg, 15" wheel takes tire with profile of 65, 16" will take one with profile 60. So overall diameter remains the same and you don't have speedo issues. Profile is height of tire sidewall.

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Thanks for your repl, your explanation about managing effect on speedometre problems by choosing appropriate profile of tires to suit increased diameter of rims was interesting.

Few years back I had made some enquiries with Canberra Toyota about stock alloy wheels for my Camry, I was shocked to see the price quated, it was something like $300 per OEM rim and that is why I did not go for alloy rims.

I have not decided about buying from Ebay yet.

Thanks again for the reply


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