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TRD Aurion vibration


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Hi all,

I have a 2007 TRD Aurion, the car has a vibration throughout between 50-80 ks, worst at 70 and under load, cruise control at 70 no problems.

I have read the forums and seen it is a common problem however nobody has posted back with what the problem was.

If anyone can comment what they/Toyota did to rectify the problem that would be great.
It feels toward the centre/back of the car more in the seat and not at the front/steering wheel.

Had the tyres balanced 2 days ago and no help.

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When it happened to me, it was a bearing in one of the CVs.

If you're lucky, it can be rebuilt, I'd left mine for so long that one CV had to be replaced because the dodgy bearing had worn the area around itself.

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Thanks LordBug,

I had the car up on a hoist today and the front drivers side CV had grease/oil everywhere so im guessing its s**t itself, the car is under warranty through Toyota extra care so with some luck should be covered. I will book it in and see what they say.

Also on start-up it makes a strange noise, the belt squeaks a little which I was told was normal because of the length of the belt. but straight after the squeak it makes a strange rattling noise, friend thinks it may be the starter motor engaging for too long.

Anyone know how I can attach a 5second audio clip?

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Here's hoping they cover the cost, I was lucky enough that I have a mate who works for them so I was able to get it fixed up at pretty much cost price for the CV, and he also rebuilt the other side too.

You're most likely talking about the VVTi rattle, here's two sample videos:

From what I read about it last time, there's no sign of long term issues arising from it, though that was a year or so ago. May have to hit up my mate to see if there's any new internal news regarding it.

If you've got a clacking noise which persists on idle, almost similar to a diesel engine idling, stick your ear near the supercharger to see if that's the source. I've got that particular sound, must really pull my thumb out and take off the snout to check the health of the coupler, which is meant to be the cause of that one.

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That first video is the exact noise I have recorded on my phone. It doesn't do it every start-up, usually if it has been sitting for an hour or longer. Once it starts it sweet.

What causes it mate? Or what should I tell Toyota to look at/Repair?

Thanks again LordBug

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Sounds like it's just while the oil pump is building up pressure around all the valves/galleries etc... Does it sound when the oil light comes on (when its cold) but go away t roughly the same time that it goes out? If that is what it is (and I'd be 90% certain it is, although I've never heard it in an Aurion I've heard it in heaps of older cars...), it shouldn't cause any issues (except, perhaps, in the super duper long term... Like 40-50 years kinda long term) - and I suspect the Toyota dealer (depending how reputable they are) will either tell you it won't cause any damage, or that it needs a new engine or something ridiculous like that...

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Only lasts a second or so after the belt squeal, they'll be fixing it regardless, its under warranty and not a normal noise. If it was normal it would have done it the day I bought it.

Il call them Monday and book it in to repair the cv and vvti controller and see how I go.

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Took the car to Toyota last week and they had it for a few days,
They said that there were some clips which had come off the cv hence the oil and grease everywhere,

They took it for a drive, and said that the vibration is being caused by both driveshaft's being shagged,

It also took about 3 days before they could reproduce the vvti rattle, however they were able too and agreed that they? needed replacing.

They sent the request to Toyota Extra Care with some photos and has all been approved, took the car back in today and should hopefully have it back in a couple days.

So the Toyota extra care warranty is well and truly worth it if your ever given the option on a used car.

Assuming there's a few thousand dollars in parts and labour there

They also said the alternator was making a strange noise and is going to be replaced free aswell.

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