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New generation Kluger 2014


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Hi there. A few months ago (June 2014) I was lucky enough to purchase my 3rd Kluger Grande. The New Generation Kluger is made in the US and has a very different feel about it. Apart from looking a bit 'beefier', it actually feels like I'm driving a different car. I am taking it to be serviced soon and they will be replacing the whole audio unit as there are a few things which either work intermittently or not at all. The GPS gave up working a few weeks ago (very frustrating when I'm travelling all over the place) and the voice detection system hardly ever manages to get out of the 'initialising' phase and then doesn't detect what I am trying to tell it (I have a very clear voice). I hope the new unit fixes all the problems.

There are a few other things that I'd like to know if anyone else has had problems with:

1. I get a red, "BRAKE!" warning signal which goes on the dashboard display for no apparent reason (I'm a careful driver).

2. The windscreen wipers only go once when using the washing spray. Once is not enough.

3. The rear windsceeen wash doesn't work all the time.

4. I cannot turn the front sensors off when parked in a garage for instance. They also go off even when there is nobody or nothing near them (too sensitive).

5. More importantly I guess - I'm not too sure the breaks are very good.

6. It is very tricky to cancel the navigation - there is no quick shortcut. I have to press the screen about 4 or 5 times to cancel. This is dangerous too.

Can anyone else let me know if they've had any similar issues?

Thanks a lot.

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No I haven't but it looks like I'll need to as there doesn't seem to be anyone out there with issues with their NG Kluger. The new unit was fitted and the GPS works but lots of other things don't….so I'm having another unit fitted soon.

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The Voice stuff takes an age to activate, it has to index your entire phone book - I had to drive for over 45 minutes before it worked for me. Then it's crap anway so I wouldn't worry.

Biggest gripe I have is the oyotaLink does nothing useful and why oh why can't you use the 4 way navigation pad on the steering wheel to properly navigate your ipod music... What a missed opportunity there..

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