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ZRE182 floor mat dimensions


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Need some help thanks .. Anyone with a current hatch could you please measure the front mats for me, length,width etc plus the distance between the clip holes..

Looking to see if they fit a new ZRE172 sedan,different platform..


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They are not rectangular, so the measurements are not necessarily going to be meaningful. The mat has to allow for the fuel filler release on the hatch (right hand side of driver's seat) and this means it sort of "offsets" the rectangular pattern across to the right once it passes that fuel release. So you'd need a picture and a large number of different measurements to be truly accurate.

But the main ones are:

Width of mat at driver's seat end: 482 mm

Width of mat in footwell itself (this is the widest part - past the fuel filler release): 495 mm

Maximum length: 580 mm

Distance between centre holes of retaining clips: 242 mm

I'm just guessing, but if the fuel release is in the same position hatch vs sedan and the above measurements match the sedan, the mat may well be interchangeable.

I'm just looking at Toyota Australia's website now and the pictures of the two mats are identical (not that this would necessarily mean anything). Maybe you could ring a dealer parts department and ask them if the part numbers for the mats for the hatch and sedan are the same?

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Good work Jon.

;) Yes very good work indeed..

Thanks Jon for doing that, I'll measure up this weekend. My 152 mats are a very close fit but I'm guessing the 182 will be better...

I've asked Toyota in the past about interchangeable parts and always get the same response, "NO they're only for the specified model"

Again, much appreciated...

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I just thought of something though. What about the colour? Is the interior trim colour of the sedan the same as the hatch? My mats are a dark greyish colour. Corolla logo in a sort of woven off-white.

btw, as another sedan-hatch compatibility sort of thing, the aluminium-finished "Corolla" door sill scuff plates (really classy) sold in the US as an official Toyota accessory for the US 2014 Corolla (which is a sedan only), fits the Australian ZRE182 hatch absolutely 100% perfectly. I know. I have them on my car (Mr. Rattles)!

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Colours are all pretty close but unfortunately measurements are a little off. ZRE 182,152,and 172 are all different. Not sure how much difference between auto and manual though..

Thanks again for you help Jon

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