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Weird noises and no coolant after service

The Geezah

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So we took out 2010 Aurion ATX in for a server (150k I think) and it came back with a few weird noises. Wondering if anyone has experienced these?

1. Weird and loud tick (rather than a clunk) when pushing down on, or letting up on, the accelerator. Happens at all speeds, 80% of the time.

2. The transmission seems to be generating a grumble throughout the car while waiting at the lights in gear. When put in neutral or park the sound goes away. We do have the spare tyre on at the moment but it's the same specs, although different type.

3. Gear changes are getting a bit harsher

4. The service receipt shows that they charged us for $71 worth of coolant but yesterday it was just below empty (in the bottle). I chucked some water to top it up and today it's gone down to just above the empty line. I do note that it's been 30º for the last few days here.

The service was done a few weeks ago and they forgot to do the in-tank filter so I'm not really confident of their abilities at the moment. Any info would be appreciated!


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Incompetent ****s...

1. Check your waterpump - get a torch and have a look. If any dried coolant at all is visible (have a really, really good look), your waterpump is leaking and will need to be replaced. If that's not leaking, check elsewhere for other leaks. 2. Check your transmission level while the car is running (it should be a red coloured dipstick with a weird clippy thing on it - if in doubt, google). It should be full. And red - very red. Not dull red/black/any other colour. If in doubt, get someone else to have a look or change it. 3. Dunno about the tick... Can you post a video of it? And also the transmission grumble?

Finally, I must apologise on behalf of Toyota... I work for Tamworth Toyota, and from what I know (feedback from friends experiences etc, plus knowing what goes on etc) on the whole we are pretty good (we at least make an effort to be that way) and are a lot better than most places.... It saddens and embarrasses me that not all Toyota dealerships are like this. What a bunch of space cadets... (seriously, how do you forget to do a fuel filter??? Simple stuff...)

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Ah... In which case it should not have been touched. Maybe it's just a coincidence... Maybe take it in, explain the situation, and ask if the foreman can have a look at it (it's a bit hard not being there in person)... And if they try and screw you over or brush it off, go to a reputable independent or another Toyota dealer and see what they say...

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Hmmm, thanks for the info guys. It's a strange noise, sounds a bit like a diesel at idle but definitely goes when shifted intro neutral/park. It's going back in tomorrow for them to have a look at so we'll see what happens!

It's a Kmart auto which was great in Melbourne and Launceston but maybe not so great here. We'll see. They said the coolant is ok (it's now pogo'ing between empty and half way) and they'll look at the transmission/engine tomorrow. So thanks for apologising for toyota dealers but we tried our first non-dealer with this car and this happens - no apologies necessary.

I'll post up an update after tomorrow!

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Ok no worries :) - with the coolant, it'd be a good idea to keep topping it up until it stays around full (a bit over won't hurt it at all, worst thing that'll happen is you'll lose a little bit) - it might just have some air in it, if they didn't bleed it properly after changing it....

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My first thought too Clubber.... most mechanics don't bother to bleed the cooling system after a coolant flush.
Appreciate your comments re Toyota service. Tried 3 dealers down here in Newcastle so far for a total of 4 services and only one managed to achieve the task without stuff ups and damaging the car :-( Very disappointed with Toyota dealerships.
I wish they would use qualified mechanics as service managers, it would save a lot of heartache.

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