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Sportivo exhaust on a 1ZZ-FE


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Hi guys,

I have seen Sportivo cat-back exhausts get fitted where it was chopped off behind the cat, requiring re-welding or for that section to be flanged, however I am trying to avoid this.

My question is:

Would an exhaust from a Sportivo bolt straight onto the headers on a 1ZZ-FE?

Thanks guys

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I know the extractors from a sportivo don't fit because the engine is different and therefore the flange that bolts to the motor doesn't match.

The cat back definitely fits, as it has been done many times before. I'm just trying to find out if the sportivo cat back system is a direct bolt-on swap with the 1zz system, or if an exhaust shop needs to modify it to fit (cut and change the flange that bolts up the the extractors etc.).

I want the exhaust off a sportivo as its a better performing system than the stock 1zz gear.

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normally when you buy the exhaust it consists of the muffler (flanged) and the mid pipe with 2 cats (flanged also at the end which meets the muff) the other end is sawn off.

any decent muffler shop will be able to saw off your existing mid pipe then weld the new one to it.

highly recommend getting the lot than just the muffler. trust me, it is pretty good.

no you cannot bolt on at the headers. totally different.

if you want headers go for the PPE race headers


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Hey guys

I just had an corolla sportivo exhaust fitted from the headers back

The flanges on the exhaust are different so you'll need to have the flanges cut off your stock exhaust and rewelded onto the sportivo exhaust.

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