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Recommendations for new Head Unit for 2010 Aurion


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Hi Everyone!

Help please! I have just bought a 2010 Aurion AT-X which has a pretty pathetic audio system in it.

I would like to replace this with something that is actually fun!

What I would like is....

- Bluetooth (although the car already comes with this so not sure if I should replace that as well - don't know how it works)

- Screen size no smaller than 6"

- USB and SD is a must

- Must be reversing camera compatible (camera going in too)

- Must all be able to be integrated into steering wheel.

- Good music playback, artist and song name display, folders, etc etc

- SatNav optional.

- DVD player or TV is not a priority at all.

- Needs to look good when installed. My dash is all silver.

So I want a good unit but without too many bells and whistles.

I would also prefer it to be a brand name. I have spoken to my local Toyota people and have gotten so many different answers and recommendations. Prices vary from $750 to $2300 but they are not able to give me any specs as to what they would be installing. If I am going to pay $2000 for a head unit to be installed, and I ask about the details of it - it is not good enough to just be told "have a look at the FJ - its a system like that". There are not a lot of details on the sound systems in the advertising.

So please, if anyone has any ideas as to what would be suitable, please let me know. I just want a fairly simple system with a decent screen. I don't mind the unit having SatNav but it just depends on the availability of the maps.

Thank you everyone!


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You have some options there is this kenwood made for Toyota ,i have the Toyota fascia to go with this, if you need one ,not sure if the camera is plug and play on this, might need some moding


or you can go genuine Toyota ,i have the same one in my aurion , had to mod the harness to make the camera work



P.S don't buy those Chinese eBay units there are rubbish

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I'm selling my Alpine INA-W900E with has everything you mentioned in your post. It also comes with a Crimestopper Safety Plus SV-5200 IR.

The head unit has everything in it incl Sat Nav. It is the top of the range Alpine one and in excellent condition. Paid $2k from JB 6 months ago and comes with box.

The reverse camera is a state of th art American brand which has a 180degree viewing angle and uses infrared LEDs for a much clearer and brighter view. This is brand new and never been used, still in the box. Bought for about $130 or something off eBay

I've also got a fascia for aftermarket head units which I'll throw in with the package. So you won't need to buy anything for the install.


Selling as a package for $1k

For more info on the head unit -http://www.alpine.com.au/showItem.php?item_id=188

For more on the reverse camera -


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Hi, Nat,

Merry Christmas. We have car DVD players for 2010 Aurion.

GM5164, D5164 and GB5502.




We are on Christmas sale now. The price of GM5164 with Australia map is only AUD 454.

What's more, you can get free reverse camera and DVR.

If you want to know more, please PM me. :)



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Hi nat,

Is your Bluetooth through the stereo? Or a separate unit?

I have the stock unit that comes in the Prodigy. It is just a basic six stacker with FM 1 & 2 AM.

I bought a Genuine Toyota Bluetooth kit for $40 from eBay, was on sale from $350 couldn't say no.

I also bought an after market iPhone 4 cable and control unit off eBay, I think it was also about $40 but can't recall exactly.

And finally, I bought an aux cable with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

I bought the aux cable months before I found the iPhone cable so I don't realy need them both as the iPhone cable comes with one as well, ow ever it is handy as I can have one in the front and one in the back.

You have to do a slight mod for this set up, and I mean it's a tiny mod, but it's all plug and play and still has the steering wheel functions too.

You can get a USB if you have multiple devices but I only need it for my iPhone so this is fine for me.

Stil looks stock and don't have to get use to much, 90% of the functions are the same

The only thing it doesn't do is tell me where to go, but my GPS does that, it's mounted in the sunglasses holder up top, hidden away out of sight of thieves.

Long story short, I now have the following features on my stereo:

1 set of 6 AM presets

2 sets of FM presets

6 stacker CD player

2 AUX cables (one for front seats and one in rear)

1 iPhone 4 cable

1 Bluetooth hands free.

The Bluetooth controls are off to the right of the stereo, just behind the wiper stalk


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