Toyota Avensis Towbar (2003+) advice.

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Are you planning to put a towbar on your Toyota Avensis, that is newer than 2003?

You've been to a towbar dealer, agent etc, & they tell you Hayman Reese do not do one beyond 2003. The only solution is to buy a genuine towbar only to find it's @ $1200-1300 plus, & stock has to come from Japan.

I looked at etowbars, which would be $700-800. DIY install.However I had a glitch in the transaction.

I then looked at Plan B. I had the wreckers see if they had one to suit my vehicle. They did $275. I contacted #Altapac at Kotara NSW $275 plus install plus wiring. No guarantees. However, I had previously sent them a message about a customer of them that had a Hayman Reese towbar installed on a 2007 model. The only issue is that the Rear bumper needs modification, & possibly the muffler. It came out far cheaper, so if you have a later model Toyota Avensis, & need a towbar, but don't want to spend a fortune, ask your Hayman Reese dealer to contact Hayman Reese directly.

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Hi. I own a 2004 Camry Grande. I had a genuine Toyota 1200 kg tow bar removed and a new 1600 kg Hayman Reece towbar installed at Maitland Auto Parts for under $800:00 to tow my pop top. The only "hitch" was removing the bumper bar to remove the Toyota tow bar and replacing same. I am very happy with the job and now have a genuine Toyota bar to sell. Cheers Glen. :toast:

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