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Handbrake adjustments


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Does anyone have an idea here on how to adjust the handbrake cable on these vehicles. Took mine to the local Toyota stealership and they wanted me to sign away a kidney and part of my liver to put the car up and adjust the hand brake cable...

Figured that someone here might have a service manual or has done it before... Google turned up nothing for me...


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It flops up and down when its off, has about 4" of slack before take up and ratrchets through about 6 clicks before the handle goes no further and when parked on even a slight incline, does not hold the vehicle.

Toyota mechanic came out to look at it, diagnosed it as requiring a park brake adjustment and then proceded to quote me the "kidney and half your liver" price...

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Hey mate. It's a rather simple job.

The interior panel that has the cup holders in it. That pops out, a plastic trim tool will help. Under that you will see a 10mm nut on the cable going to the HB lever. Tighten that up until you have a suitable tension on the cable - I can't remember if it has a double nut setup, if it does hold the bottom nut with a spanner then crack the top nut off and use the bottom one to tension the cable.

It's worthwhile checking the rear brake pads too as the handbrake just operates the caliper.

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