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Does anyone have any documentation or drawings for '08 Aurion Presara electrical or CANBUS?

Secondly, My Satnav is on v14. If anyone has a newer version they'd like to move let me know.

Finally, anyone successfully added remote start to a Toyota with push-to-start?

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Have a look at the CAN Communications section in the below links


Q) Are there any service manuals available to download for the Aurion?

A) There currently are not any Aurion service manuals that are easily obtainable online for the general public. Luckily however, the Aurion shares a lot in common with the American Specification Gen 6 V6 Camry. This car does however have an online service manual available from: Camry Stuff - Gen6 Manuals the following link:

07-09 Camry Service Manuals

For the above link to Google Docs, if you find that it does not work, try signing into a Google Account such as Gmail. Otherwise, try opening the link in a new "Incognito Window" (Chrome), "Private Browsing Window" (Firefox), or "InPrivate Browsing Window" (Internet Explorer) without logging into a Google Account.

If you would like to download all the manuals, you can select all documents with the checkbox on the left hand side then click the "More" button and then select "Download".

Just bear in mind that there will be differences in the manual that is nothing like the Aurion but for a majority of it, and when used as a guide, it is rather useful. The link above to the online service manuals are specifically for the pre-facelift model, however the facelift model is rather similar so the manual can still be of use. As well, for any part number references (no TRD's sorry), you can find the following site useful: http://www.toyodiy.com.

Threads of interest:

Service Manuals
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