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Aurion rear seat Map/courtesy lights


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Hi all, I would like to fit another set of lights for my rear passengers.

In the Aurions with the factory sunroof (Presara/ZR6), they have map lights in the roof for the rear seat.

I have a Prodigy so unfortunately I don't have these, how ever I was wondering if anybody had pulled the roof lining out or if anybody knew if the mounts were already there for them in the models without the sun roof.

If anybody could help or give me I for on where I could find my answers I would be most appreciative.

So I've just noticed the white LE has it too


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I have them in my trd aurrion s. its a really nice feature. the rear lights come on independently depending on which rear door is opened. or all on when u unlock the car as well. Havent paid too much attention to it. but was a expensive option when new.

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Oh really?

I want to go to the wreckers and get a set and put them in, the only thing that I'm a bit cautious with is the roof lining, I don't know if I like the idea of cutting it myself, and if I pull it down I don't want to break it then find out I can't put it in.

Does your aurion have a sunroof?


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Cheaper yes, but it's not going to look factory, I don't mind paying for them, it's going to cost a bit more (I'm guessing around$60/70 from the wreckers) but it will be factory. I can do all the wiring myself, so that's not going to cost me a thing, but I'm just worried about the good lining, I have heard about people taking it off and breaking it then having to go get it fixed.

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Re did my roof lining, nothing broke.

the lights are pretty nice and fancy, ive dipped the covers in carbon fiber and now they look flush and better than factory.

haven't got recent pictures but check the thread out


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I am wondering if anyboody is able to help me with a similar query.

My intention was the same, to add the map reading lights to the rear passengers seat area.

The vehicle is a standard 2012 Aurion ZR6 without a Sunroof.

Would anyone know if the mounting hardware for the lights is installed above the headlining as standard so that the lights are able to be fitted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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