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hello! I bought a shiny new HU and after removing my original stock Unit and plugging in the new one... I have no sound! Display works fine, everything connects etc, I can be heard on BT but can't hear a thing!

Any suggestions?

I am assuming I don't need any further adapters (apart from Aerial) to make this thing work?


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Hi guys

I have the same problem too, no sound at radio, USB, bluetooth and etc. My stereo unit is PZQ60-00525, is there any setting that i have to do to make it works correctly?


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I ended up going to Toyota and getting a patch cable. It cost me $16 and I got it from the spare pet dept at my local dealership. I can't recall the model number, but can look when I get home in a couple days if any one needs to know?


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Hi there ,

apologies for digging such an old thread but I'm having exactly same issue . Unit is PZQ60-00523 [same as 00525] that I got from ebay . Everything is working except there is no sound at all on Radio,Usb nothing  . Audio off is displayed sometimes on top left screen . Anyone can shed some light on this ? Does disconnecting black wire form above post works ?


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On 7/6/2016 at 8:29 AM, Dohsh77 said:

Disconnect the black wire. So the audio will work


Can confirm that this works . Just cut black wire and audio works . Thanks Dohsh77

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