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Hey guys and girls, I am new here. I just bought an 2000 AE112 Conquest about a week ago and I have a few things id like to do to it in the near future.

Something I have been looking at is getting some rims and from what I have seen, my best bet is to get some 16x8 +20.

IF I do go ahead and get a set of 16x8, will they be right on stock suspension and unrolled guards? or am I going to have problems?

This has most likely been asked before, but I just need a clear answer as to what I need to do.

Thanks in advance guys, appreciate the help.



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your going to have to roll your guards more so the rear, and use more negative camber front and back to tuck them in, i ran 15x8 +25 on my 112 and had to roll the rear guards the, the front i never got around to it, but i ran stock struts on superlow springs, ask a member called monkeybovin he has run the 16x8 wheels

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