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Replacing Estima "entertainment" system


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I've owned my 2005 Estima for a couple of years and I'm finally getting around to wanting to replace the dash system (radio/Gps/etc).

A couple of local car audio places are quoting me $1500, which seems a little steep!

Could someone please point me in the right direction to have it replaced?

Also, has anyone translated what the Japanese spoken is when you first turn the car on?

Many thanks in advance!

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Depends on what you want/need. something like the android unit, gps, radio, dvd player,

about $300 - $400.

wire harness between $30 - $120,

remove old unit 30min - 1hr, (shop bill time) $50

install about 30mins - 1hr. (shop bill time) $50

total , $700 max.

But if you want Toyota brand and upgrade speakers could be anywhere from $1000 - $4000

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I have just picked up a 2005 Estima, had the dealer replace the unit before delivery, cost $650 Good unit, every thing works except the front camera which he said would not work.

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Hi there Flying Past - could you tell me what unit the dealer replaced it with, and whether you are happy with it?

I'm onto my second 2004 Estima Aeras (first one bought last year and written off while parked) and looking for a replacement head unit. The dealer-installed unit from last year was not easy to use and lacked an audio jack.

I'd be really interested in an android recommendation, but basically anything people have found intuitive to use would be helpful.

Thanks, anyone.

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Hi Estimamark2, Car Multimedia with Navi System Is all the use manual states, It comes up with a Toyota logo when turned on, but that dosen't mean that it is genuine Toyota. I bought the car off Cosmopolitan Cars at Greenacre in Sydney, who installed it for me, I would say they do a lot of them, A phone call to them might be helpful. 02 970922175

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