Buying an Aeras Estima

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Hi All,

Am from Melbourne.A Happy 5+yrs owner of 2005 Toyota camry Altise.Now looking to buy an 8 seater Tarago.shopped around in the local market,i've find all Taragos have done more Kms and still expensive compared to the low Kms full featured Aeras Estima. My query is how come majority of the Estimas are 2003 to 2005 with 71000 to 88000 Kms in them. most dealers provide all the documents related to odometer,import and compliance.... what is the life expectancy of Estima in yrs and Kms if well lookedafter(oil,filter etc)...Because i haven't come across Estimas that have done more than 160,000.Couldn't find any major problem with Estimas from Google search.Any major issues with the Electrics,coz i find its too much electronis involed compared to local Tarago.,but i still want to buy Estima.Am after a 2.4 4 cly,same as my camry Altise.Is there any particular model no that i should look for .should i rely on 3yr warranty offered by the dealer.

Any Advice would be very much appreciated.

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Have had my 2002 Estima for a long time and I love it as much as I did, at first !


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