Estima - Fitting a Full Size Spare (pics inside)

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After buying the Estima I realised it came with a space saver as I spare. Decided that since it has been sitting there for 10+ years I should pull it down and change the valve in it. When I pulled it down I noticed that there is a fair bit on room up there and a standard size wheel should fit. Had a look around and found a new Mazda wheel (possibly off a Mazda 6? 16 x 6.5" - pic 6) sitting around aswell as a 215/60 R16 Tyre. Fitted that up and got it balanced so I could try out and see if it fits.

Doing it is pretty straight foward:-

1) Pop the Boot (pic 1)

2) Lift the carpet up, lift up the black plug, and use the wheel nut tool (or just a 21mm socket) and undo it (counterclockwise) (pic 2 & 3)

3) Undo it till you have enough to lift the hook over the holder.

4) Pull the space saver off.

5) I was going to remove the black spacer that is attached underneath but then decided it won't be in the way anyway if I put the full size spare in with it facing down. This is also good as don't have to unwind the spare to check the pressure all the time. (pic 5)

6) While you have the spare out, it is easier to hold the bolt and unwind the hook via hand to get it down further. I also fully removed the hook and put anti-seize on the thread.

7) Put spare under, lift up and put hook over the holder.

8) Wind back up. (pic 7)

Mine also had a spacer above the hook. That was actually a good size as the spacer wound all the way up to the floor and was holding the spare tight.

All up this cost me $0 as I work at a tyre store and we just had the rim and tyre lying around. Most tyre shops usually have old rims lying around or even wreckers. Toyota stud pattern is 5 x 114.3 which many other makes (ford, mazda, mitsubishi etc.) use aswell. Holden is 5 x 120 and won't fit.

Sorry, pics aren't the best quality as sun it bad position and only taken with phone.









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I have a Mitsu Magna wheel in mine.
Slightly smaller but, far better than a space saver.
I cut mine in half and use the halves to hold the garden hoses.


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