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Camry Atara S - replacing headlight

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Hi everyone!

Just registered and finally found a local australia forum for toyota!

Bought a white 2014 Camry Atara S 2 weeks ago with only 10800km on the clock :toast:

Very happy with the car so far.

Pardon me if my 1st question is a bit noobish:

I bought Philips H7 headlight bulbs and I tried to replace them myself, but I have no luck in turning the old bulbs counter-clockwise out.

Do I just need to turn it harder? I'm scared I would brake it.

Thanks in advanced for the advice.


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I shouldn't be that hard, i've changed mine a few times.

Do have the manual? Just follow what's in there.

Yep I read the manual.

I went to toyota service place today and had someone to help me.

It is not easy for them as well, specially the driver side.

Need to push hard a bit before turning it out.

And the parker light, tried to turn the stick, it will turn but it won't pull out.

At the end I didn't bother to replace the park light as I have to drive back to the office quick.

Cheers for the reply!

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Well atleast you got it done.

But if they have trouble then i dunno what they're doing wrong.

The parker lights on the stick is another matter all together... much harder than low and high beam bulbs.

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The sockets can get corrosion in them...Makes them very hard to get out...

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Sigit, I also purchased Phillips White Vision globes and struggled to undo globes in my 2014 Atara SL. We should be able to turn them counter clockwise very easily but no way, I could feel the lenses moving against the strain. Yes, I got my Toyota dealer to replace them all for me. Hi-beam, low-beam & foggies. White lighting now looks so good. Now the park globes look & pale & sick.

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