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Corolla Rumion (Rukus in Australia) Battery Disconnection and ...

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I am new here (also new in any forum)!

I brought a Corolla Rumion few days back. I had to do some welding works and for this I disconnected the battery. After welding I reconned the battery and the car stereo froze.

It had some Japanese texts which I didnot understand and it also showed the below text.

*EC: 17*.

I assume it is some error code. The stereo is also the display monitor of the rear camera stops working along with the stereo. I called up the car dealer and he told me to come over.

There he puts a large memory card (the ones you can use in laptop) in the stereo and the problem was solved.

Now the problem is he wants to sell the memory card for 25US$! He will not give it to me free!

I think he was supposed to give it to me with the vehicle .. .as a package!

I guess the memory card contains some sort of booting/resetting software.

How can I get the software? Can I get it in a CD?

It would be better to have the software in my PC or google drive or icloud whatever.

Because I dont trust the memory cards and they can fail you anytime!

I am attaching the photo of the stereo device.

Any help on this will be highly appriciated!





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Well the stereo you have is neither a build 1 2 or 3, So we dont get that specific stereo over here...

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