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Model numbers H100

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Toyota uses the last numbers in a model series code to specify different spec variations - eg engine, body style, drivetrain configuration etc

H100 is the series

LH1xx are the L-series diesel versions

RZH1xx are the RZ-series petrol versions

H10x are the short wheelbase versions (ie H102, H103)

H11x are the long wheelbase versions (eg H113)

H12x are the super-long wheelbase versions (eg H125)

Looking at Redbook, you'll have an RZH113 (RZ engine, H100 series, long wheelbase). There don't seem to be any engine-variation versions, but normally the last digit would indicate this - LH102 might have the 2.4L diesel, LH103 the 2.8L (these are just an example and may not be true)

If you can find a build- or compliance-plate it'll tell you the exact code of what you have.

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