Lewy Choc McDonald

Soon to be owner - tips?

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Hi guys I am new to this whole scene. Current vehicle is a VT Commodore Wagon, for obvious reasons I am looking to upgrade and am pretty sold on a Hilux.

Having never owned one before, are there any things in particular I should take note of when inspecting? Also are there any things I should be wary of in the next 5 or so years in terms of overall health of a 2009 model SR5 Hilux.

The truck in question is a 2009 SR5 Hilux, automatic, dual cab, 4x4, turbo diesel.
Currently has roughly 120xxx K's on the clock and seems to be in fair condition.
Haggled the owner down to about $25K from $29k.

Any input would be much appreciated, as would criticism.


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Mechanic, however it is even hard for them to spot it before it happens. Get the vehicle on a scan tool and the injector values checked as well.

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