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I want to go LOW


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I want to lower my 2009 sx6 aurion... just need to know prices and and experience anyone has had.. also what springs to get (lows, super lows or super super lows) and is it ok to use the standard shocks??

also i will be keeping to standard rims.

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I have a question regarding the Aurion suspension setup that I have wondered about for quite some time.

Other than the bigger wheels (17inch vs 16inch) are there any other differences between the suspension setup on a 2011 Aurion Touring compared to an Aurion ATX or even the higher spec models.

Not the SX6 or the ZR6 as I am pretty sure that the setup on these is different.

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I have Slide Industies Coilovers but the business is no longer operating (owner ripped a lot of people off) but they are quite good. Mine is a little bit low about 60mm from the ground to the rails but that's how I like it. As for springs lows (lowers 30mm) can use standard shocks but super(Lowers 50mm) and ultras (Not Available for GSV40s) need shorter shocks. You can go on the king Spring website and that will tell you or alternatively you can just go to Supercheap and they will tell you.

FB IMG 1437371829331

FB IMG 1437371838087

Mine on Stock 17s

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I also had a set of the slide industries coilovers, i had a set of BCs before that which wernt too bad. The slides had decent spring rates so you can put bigger and wider wheels on with minimal scrubbing.

Coilovers would be the way to go if you want to go low.

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I found coilovers to be the most effective for lowing my car, as springs wouldnt be able to give the same effect, i have a custom set from a guy i QLD which are similar to BC racing. You'll find the ride is a lot harder and handles sharper and doesnt feel like a boat which is what i wanted, yet it still comfortable on the highways as i can adjust the stiffness. but each person is different, if you know anyone around your area with coilovers or even better another aurion that is lowered ask them to go for a ride around the block in theres, then you can gauge whether or not there are exactly what you want :)


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