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Toyota Hilux SR5 4L Central Locking

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Just had my Hilux serviced and asked for the central locking to be checked as well, as it is not working. The garage told me I had to replace the door actuators at a cost of $1000. Does anyone have any advice as to where I can get these parts at a lower cost? I am still baffled as to why 3 of them went at the same time. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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When you say its not working, what happens when you sit in the car and use the central lock button switch on the door card, do all doors lock and unlock, and also do they all lock/unlock when you insert the key and use it rather than the key fob, as it seems strange that they all went in one hit.

Honestly I wouldn't have a clue what they are worth but I would try all other avenues before shelling out a grand and even then there is no guarantee its the problem, use a system of elimination.

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Thanks for the reply. When seated in the vehicle, using the lock / unlock button on the door, only the right back door unlocks. The driver door only locks / unlocks when using the key. (Same with the front passenger.) I will have to do like you said and try a bunch of things before making any expensive purchases. :)

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That is bad luck that 3 have died all at the same time, I have only ever had 1 go at a time. The last time I bought an actuator for your model car it was $300, they are very easy to change so if you have basic tools then don't get someone else to do them. To save a couple of dollars you could try a wreckers but if the know that these are a common fault then they will probably charge you a fair bit for them.

I never worried about pulling the ones I replaced apart but I suspect that it would be the motors inside the mech that has failed. If you are handy with electronics and it is the motors then you would be able to get away with fixing them all for under $100.

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