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Yep mines a bit more discreet

here is my light bar, if it looks on a angle you would be right, the bracket isn't on properly and it will be fixed soon

Yup, where are you putting it?


07Prodigy - this is pretty much the same look I'm after. But I'd be more interested in these new LED numberplate mounts which I think Sean K has got going on. More refined.

JDT92 - now that's all next level! Can't really get that creative in my Touring.

I'm hoping to get my own bar done up as a Christmas present (to myself, and the car), so i'll post up some pics asap.

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Finally managed to get myself a full kit off eBay. Numberplate mount, wiring kit, all along with the 20" single row 120w bar (I splurged a bit) for $126 which is pretty reasonable I think.


I just want to check with you guys, how did you go with wiring? I've been told the Aurion might be negatively switched / grounded (had the same thing on my 2004 Kluger). This is a problem because I want to wire in with the high beam, not entirely on a separate switch.

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Thanks all for jumping into this chat. I’ve had a look at some light bars on the weekend and then I got stuck on mounting options. Saw a couple of number plate mounting brackets, one had a nudge bar built into it. However, they are all flat, unlike my bumper bar! My number plate seems to have a plastic frame that is curved on the bumper side and flat on the plate side. How did you guys deal with this? 

Purely from a form perspective I could put the bracket on the same plastic frame the number plate is currently sitting on. However it looks quite flimsy, unsure whether it will last or even survive one long trip? Also unsure on what’s behind the bumper bar skin and whether the bracket would be screwed into something solid or only sitting on plastic? I’ve taken the bumper bar skin off a couple of times to replace the HID bulbs, but can’t recall what’s behind the number plate. I imagine that if the light bar frame is screwed into something solid behind the skin, it would create a few extra steps in removing the skin to replace the HID bulbs next time 🙂. Unsure about the wiring, is there a connector somewhere behind the grill or does the cable from the light bar go all the way to the battery/relay? Again wondering if in the future I would need to almost uninstall the light bar to remove the bumper bar skin?


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