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Cold Air Intake for 2012 Aurion?

Sean K

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How could the location of that pod filter be classed as a cold air intake, when all its going to be drawing in is hot under bonnet temperature air, I,d say it would actually cost you hp, even though it would sound good when you open her up, but each to their own, have to agree with 1badkiwi and stick with OEM but use a quality filter

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so if I went with the SRI I might lose some power but I would also gain an awesome intake noise

Yes! While the car is moving, you will gain some power. Problem is, it will suck in hot engine bay air while the car is idle or sitting at low speeds. It is important to route that tubing down into the bumper/fender area and place the filter there. Then the car will be a cold air intake and you'd gain horsepower/torque throughout the whole rpm range.

Or you can ditch the filter that come with it, attach a filter like the PRM filter and run piping/tubing from that down to the fender/bumper area. Same concept! You want to be pulling in cold/ambient air temps only, all the time. You will gain horsepower.

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I decided to custom make this cold air intake this weekend. It took me just under 3-hours from start to finish but it sounds amazing. The filter is routed between the fusebox and battery and sits just behind the LH fog light.

The list of parts I used is as follows:

* 1x 3" 45-degree alloy intercooler pipe.

* 1x 3" alloy MAF sensor adapter pipe.

* 2x 3" black silicone joiners.

* 1x 3" black 45-degree silicone joiner.

* 3x 3" stainless T-bolt clamps.

* 2x 3.5" stainless T-bolt clamps.

* Simota extra long (220mm vs 130mm) 3" pod filter.

* Simota mini breather (for crankcase ventilation hose).








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Quick update on the cold air intake: Performance does 'seem' to feel better, but it could be a placebo effect due to increased noise at full throttle. The Aurion is fast as hell from factory, so noticing an increase in performance is quite difficult, especially if we're only talking a few hp. The noise is incredible - Dead silent with normal driving around town, throaty when you give it more than 1/4 throttle and it screams up in the higher RPM's. There's an audible change in sound at around the 5,500rpm mark, where it goes from a roar to a scream. Of all the videos I've watched of the K&N Typhoon intakes on Aurions and 3.5L Camrys I've never heard the noise change in the higher RPM like this one does, so my guess is that the sound resonates between the bumper and guard liner at that particular RPM. Whatever is the cause, it sounds awesome!!

Immediately after driving the intake pipes and throttle body is literally cool to the touch. The actual intake temperature does seem to be a tad cooler (measured with my UltraGauge) by a few degrees compared to the factory intake. Typically the intake temp is only 2-5 degrees hotter than the outside ambient temp, whereas the stock intake could be up to 10-15 degrees hotter.

One interesting/strange thing to point out is that the automatic transmission shifts are much noticeable when you're booting it - As in, you can feel the gears change due to a very slight jerking feeling. When cruising normally the gears are silk-like, but when you're on the throttle quite hard you can certainly notice it. At first I was worried about it, and ended up spinning the MAF sensor pipe so that the sensor sat straight up (like the factory orientation), but this didn't help. Don't get me wrong though, the split second pause between gears is actually something I like. It feels like you're driving a semi-auto/tiptronic rather than a slushbox that just slips into the next gear and makes that boring automatic gear change noise. As a result, the RPM's remain a little higher when it changes to the next gear, so it stays in the proper powerband and keeps pulling hard. It's almost like the shift points have changed slightly due to the increased air flow from the aftermarket intake.

All in all, this intake has changed the way the car sounds and feels. It's intimidating growl is enough to turn heads, but quiet enough when cruising not to attract the wrong kind of attention. It really makes you realize how well the factory intake muffles the sound of the engine, and how amazing these engines can sound with minimal effort. Unleash the beast! You won't be disappointed B)

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Sounds like you're really happy with it. Awesome mate. Have you done any exhaust work, or the sound difference is purely intake?

Yeah I'm really happy with it, definitely something I wish I had done sooner. The temptation to put my foot down all the time due to the intake sound is huge, so it takes a lot of self control :). The exhaust is completely stock, so the sound difference is purely the intake. I'll have to take a sound clip of it sometime as it truly has to be heard to be appreciated. I've probably watched every single Aurion intake (SRI) video on YouTube prior to the install so knew roughly what noise to expect, but as it sits right now it's better than I could have ever expected. I'd be interested to see what the sound comparison is if I moved the filter into the engine bay temporarily since it would get muffled quite a lot by the sound deadening on the bonnet and firewall.

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