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Replacing transmission filter 2006 Camry

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Hi all,

my 2006 Camry Grande has 80,000Kms and I'm pretty keen to replace the transmission filter inside the pan. I have the replacement filter but I was disappointed to see when I raised the car that some of the bolts on the pan I just can't get too as seen in the picture below. There is a chassis rail that runs right over the top.

Has anyone successfully replaced the filter? I've just replaced the fluid for now but I'd really like to change the filter if I can!

Thanks for any help!


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I did one on my 2001 Camry many years ago(still got it) but access to all the bolts on mine was no problem..That being said if I were you I woudn't worry about it. I assume the filter you are referring to is the small metal mesh type(??). To change it you will need to remove the pan and that is messy job in itself. You will need some sort of large recepticle to catch the fluid(which you have just replaced), a new pan gasket(these are not cheap) and when you are done, you will need to replace your fluid again...

Myself, I would leave well enough alone. Actually when I did my filter I didn't replace it , just gave it a wash and clean and put it back..

Trust this has given you some food for thought...BTW I'm a Marty too :)

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Thanks I probably wont worry about it. I do already have the filter and new gasket though but that only cost me $25 or so. Just thought there might be an easy fix to get the sump bolts off.

I'll just continue to change the fluid regularly and hopefully that will suffice.

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Marvelous job of engineering on this one, eh????????????

Some engineers don't talk to other engineers in the same company. That is a known fact, and not just at Toyota. Happens at all the companies. One of the major qualifications of engineers is to be anti-social and hate people who want to maintain their own cars, and make life as difficult as possible.

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Yeah brings back memories of lots of swearing...

I did it on my 2009 ACV40 (it was up on a car hoist though). You don't need to remove the sub frame/cross member assembly but from memory take off the engine mount nuts/bolts from the LHS (and others anywhere else around that area) then jack the engine up to get enough clearance, for your hands, to access the bolts behind the cross member (only 4 or so).

With a range of spanners and sockets and hand contortions you can get to all the trans pan bolts. Just do the 4 hard ones first...


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And engineers wonder why mechanics detest the bastards. The lackey who designed the K frame never had a chat with the transmission designers  when the drivetrain went in the car, and the accountants said that a redesign of the K frame would add $0.11 to the cost of the car. So nothing got done. Of course, the mechanic passes on the added cost of removing several other items to get to the bolts onto the final bill, which the customer complains about then goes around in 3 years and buys the same car.

My observation is that the K frame was designed this way on purpose, to get the car into the toyota service dept, rather than in someone's garage.

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The following URL with photos should be of assistance


It is what I referred to before changing the transmission filter in my 2006 Aurion.

You will definitely need to loosen the transmission mount which is accessible from the passenger side. Note either remove or turn the front passenger wheel for enough access. You will then need to raise the transmission; I used a hydraulic trolley jack with a piece of wood or an old book to make the contact with the transmission. The more clearance you can get the better. I ended up using a thin small 10mm ring spanner to loosen that one bolt. So be prepared for a quite frustrating time.

The attached pdf shows the O-Ring for the filter and the position of the 2 magnets in the pan. After removing the pan and the filter, I used de-greaser to clean the pan and magnets and also the valve body assembly.


Toyota U660E ES350AT3&4shiftflare-1.pdf

U660E Transmission Filter Replacement.doc

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