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Transmission oil change

Sean K

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I personally wouldn't change it. Most transmission problems start only after the oil has been changed and this particular gearbox can last hundreds of thousands of km's without having the trans oil & filter changed. Also, in the case of the U660E that the Aurion and other 2GR-FE's have there's a specific procedure that must be followed to avoid overfilling the transmission, so it's not just a case of 'drain & fill' unfortunately. If you MUST get it changed then I wouldn't go anywhere other than a proper Toyota dealership.

There's a good post here regarding the correct procedure: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/36317-transmission-servicing/?p=483368

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It might last but it won't drive as good as it should. I would only see problems arise if the person performing the work doesn't know what they are doing.....

I got Sci- Fleet toyota Ablion to flush mine and replace all filters/gaskets associated. car had 135k at the time.

the difference was like chalk and cheese. i recommend.

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Thanks for the reply guys. My 2012 aurion just ticked over to is 108k mark ( I do a lot of driving) and I was just concerned about it that's all, as it is I am very late to change my spark plugs

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Do a search here and on Toyota Nation under the Camry section for 2007-12 made cars - there is a lot of info about how to replace the fluid, there is a special method... or you could do what I do, which is drain the fluid, measure what comes out and put exactly the same amount back in. I have done that once on my wifes 09 at about 70 000km and will do again soon at 100 000km. The shift quality improved significantly.

I have also done it on my 2007, I droppped the trans pan and replaced the filter then too. Used the same method, measured what came out, replaced the same amount.

Its just not that tricky. Read up from Toyota Nation.

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On 11/8/2020 at 9:19 PM, Roadster said:

My GSV50r is shuddering at 70kph.  I'm wondering if I should be changing the transmission fluid, or possibly the shafts....

Hello Roadster and welcome to the forum.

You'll need to provide more info about your car. How many kays, service history etc.

You say it shudders at 70kph, only at this speed or does it get worse with speed ?

Aurions are built quite well, so what you describe could only be something tyre related. Have you inspected the condition of your tyres for uneven wear ? The balance could also be out.

Have you had your suspension inspected ? Not knowing how the car has been treated and mileage its done, then it's too hard to diagnose with only a sentence to go by. Transmissions don't cause shuddering, everything around it is more likely.

Cheers mate :thumbsup:

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Try rotating wheels front to back and see if there's any improvement. 

Did that with mine when I bought it & quickly found the front tyres were at fault, probably from never being rotated

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