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5LE motor, should I add an Intercooler?


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I have a 2wd LN147R 5LE Hilux.
 Have added a Turbo, Chip, Exhaust and wondered if adding an Intercooler will help to keep temperatures down and be better for the motor?

I've replaced the 4.1 diff with a 3.7LSD so it doesn't rev so high at higher speeds and that has made a huge difference to the driving of the ute.

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yes, but there will only be a small power increase.   The extra cooling is most welcome as long as the extra power is not overused.   The iron head is poorly cooled, and almost on its thermal limit.   The turbo is a risk for a 5L.  do u have a boost compensator?    If you increase the fuel supply, then you have more power, if not, you have the same power sooner.    Tojo built a new motor for a 3.0L turbo--with good reason, because the existing motor couldn't take it.    Not even with an alloy head, it seems.

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Thanks Manxman

No I don't have a boost compensator. 

I'm not worried about getting extra power because it now has plenty especially since changing the diff it has a good cruising speed with acceleration when needed and doesn't rev it's guts out now on the open road.

 The main concern is it lasts a long time and taken good care of is the idea of the intercooler.

Or would I be better to up size the radiator?

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