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Newbie products for detailing white car

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Hi everyone

I was hoping to get some advice doing my first detail of a white 2007 Aurion. I have owned it for a year and only wash it about once a month. I would like to add an extra step or two to keep the car better looking and protected. Basically I'm looking for a simple and budget friendly process, with products I can pick up and use easily, e.g. from Super Cheap.

After the wash, maybe just the following:

  1. Clay - maybe using Meg's clay bar kit that comes with the quick detailer
  2. Wax - maybe using Meg's Quick Wax or Meg's Cleaner Wax and some microfibre cloths?

Ideally the wax would last a while so that if I only get a chance to do it twice a year, it would still be okay.

Thanks for your help :smile:

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If you are going to Clay bar it, I would suggest spending the time to give it a polish before moving onto the wax. You will get longer life from the wax. I personally don't get my detailing products from SuperCheap but they do have some good options, Meg's (as you have noted) is probably the way to go.

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