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Toyota Camry 1996 KeyFob replace worn rubber button

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Dear Experts

I have got Toyota Camry 1996 V6 , How can I replace the worn button that locks and unlocks car ?

My keyfob similar to the one below



Although I have no issue with battery , just out of curiosity , can battery be replaced for such a remote ? by looking at I couldn't figure out to do it





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My wife's Camry) remotes rubber button disintegrated recently and we replaced it with a piece of rubber band :)

This is what we did. Remove the old rubber piece. Get a rubber band about an inch or so wide and roughly the same thickness as the existing button . Cut a piece, about an inch or so long (Bigger than the hole).  Remove all traces of the old worn out piece from the remote. Cut the new piece of rubber band to the circular shape of the hole, make it  bigger than the the hole in the remote( so it forms a bubble shape when you fit it) and then work it carefully into the hole. That's how we did it, and works like a treat.Keep the remaining rubber band for future repairs....Might take you a couple of tries, but it does work, I sh*t you not!!

2001 V6 Camry Conquest

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Battery can be replaced and you can also pick up the cases only on eBay.

Tried to open keyfob case couldn't open it and when I searched I found below



Remote control keyring is an ovoid black plastic case with one button.
Replacement price (in A$) around $100.

The two halves of the case are heat-fused together, so you'll need a
hacksaw to cut all around the seam. Be careful! Take it slowly or you
could ruin the remote control.


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