1kzte under power stalling blowing black smoke

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Ok so guys i own a 1kzte hilux 2003 just recently it has started blowing a lot of black smoke very underpowered under powerd i mean when i go up hills which i was able to go 100km up now i can only go 40 km up during the climb engine temp rises ,foot is flat to the floor boost is 12 pound and a massive cloud of black smoke following behind ..

So far i have given it a major service so oil air fuel etc also suspected injector pump had diesel specialist diagnose injector pump however the new pump did not rectify issue also has brand new injectors and fully reco d engine each with 10000km clocked up 

Just to re cap ive replace 

Engine 1kzte




Injector pump 

Glowplugs check out fine checked snesor with multi meter so i jave intake temp sensor out of range and throttlemotor out of range tps is ok 

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Also forgot to mention pump timing and engine timing is fine spot on 

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Hi Ben,

Do you know if there's anything that's started obstructing the airways?

Maybe something between the Turbo and the inlet manifold has come adrift and is restricting air-flow...that way it would show boost, but not actually have adequate airflow.

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