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Attention TRD Aurion owners!!!

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Good evening Aurion family.

I had a dig around in the forum history and to the best of what I could see, I noticed there wasn't any threads based purely on TRD Aurion.

So I thought I'd start one... I know there's a few of us out there who have one despite the fact Toyota didn't make many of these things.

So please... share your photos, experiences, modifications, problems, irritations and love for your unique machine right here.

Hurry before another one blows up!


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TRD SL! love it, but here is a list of what I had to do on mine to make it lovable so far....$$$$


New TRD shocks all round

New TRD rotors F&R

Front strut bar

Rear sway bar

New Dash from Toyota

New Rack & intermediate shaft

New head lights

New Michelin pilot super sports

De-restricted the exhaust + TRD filter

Full engine & Transmission service







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Something I did when I first got miss320 was wash the engine bay, the red supercharger sitting proudly on top makes the engine look sensational. It always impresses people when I lift the bonnet, especially those who think it's a Sportivo with a different bodykit and TRD badges.

The previous owner took really good care of the interior and exterior of her but didn't give a crap about the engine bay, so I decided to give it a wash.

Being the overexcited idiot I was at the time I decided to dilute some degreaser and soaked the entire engine in it and let it sit for about 20 mins. When it was time to wash it off it came up looking awesome and I was very happy.

Until I started the engine.


She sounded like a sick animal screaming.

Turns out the degreaser was super caustic and I hadn't diluted it enough, it had dried out my serpentine belt and had eaten away all the grease from the inside of my pulleys and external engine bearings.

My engine bay wash turned out to be a $640 job to replace all the parts I destroyed.

I will NEVER do that again... 

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After that disaster I just give the engine bay a once over with a micro-fibre cloth each time I wash the car. 

The mods on miss320 so far are:

Bought the car with an upgraded 3 inch Y-Pipe and a high flow cat. Engine breathes much better and has added a really nice low down growl to the note.

K&N Short Ram Intake. Pretty much just adds induction noise but sounds effing awesome with loud supercharger whine.

6000k HID's on low beam.

I put back on a set of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT tyres. It's the brand TRD Aurion came with from the factory and they are brilliant rubber.

Ultra Racing front strut brace.

Eyelids!!!!!!! Can't forget the controversial eyelids.


Definately more mods to come.

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I agree mate, the road noise through them is pretty loud but I'm really happy with them. They grip really well.

Other things I've had to replace are the front wheel bearings, drive shafts and 4 new engine mounts.

Once again, as I've spoken about in a previous thread, there's a long list of components TRD Australia at the time should've strengthened before supercharging these engines. Chewed up driveshafts and cracked engine mounts are happening in around half the time compared to the standard engines wear and tear.

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I'll get some pics up soon,


I paid $1200 for the set of pilot super sports,

By the way, when you buy tyres make sure you check the manufacture dates on them, they were going to give me 2013 dated ones!!!

I refused and now I have 2015!! :)

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hey i have aurion trd 2007 it has around 120,000kms ive realised when the car is idling the supercharger from the polley section sounds really loud a ticking sound more like a diesel car does anyone know the issue???? please help

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That noise is usually caused by a worn coupler, which is located in the snout. However, it's also possible that it's the needle bearings (also in the snout) that are a bit worn.

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2 hours ago, LordBug said:

That noise is usually caused by a worn coupler, which is located in the snout. However, it's also possible that it's the needle bearings (also in the snout) that are a bit worn.

oh thanks for your reply. i live in perth wa do you know any places that fix the issue and how much???

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