Mods for 76 Series

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1. I'll start with rear bars.  Does anyone know how you get your hands on "Rock Armor" rear bars? I've done a bit of research, and I reckon these are the best design for the price (saw one fitted to a Troopy up on Fraser Is) but I just can't find where I can order them online. Apart from "Powerful 4x4" but they don't appear to stock them for the 76 Series.

2. Has anyone fitted the Marks 4WD overdrive adaptor to their Cruiser? I'd be interested in any feedback both good and bad. They look like a great mod, albeit rather pricey at almost $8k. Go to this link if it interests you:

3. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has come up with an innovative way of carrying extra water, without carrying it up high (roof rack) Some form of tank either inside the cabin somewhere on under the belly? So far the best I've come up with (I have the ARB drawer system by the way) is a 20 Lt water bladder sitting in the RH corner cavity (under pull out hatch) I have this connected to a 12V water pump (in situ above RN wheel arch) which then runs to a typical non return valve garden hose fitting, mounted on the wall of the drawers RHS. I can then clip in a coil hose with a shower head so we can rinse of the dust/salt while out bush/beach bashing. The switch is mounted on the LHS where I was able to tee power off an Anderson plug (double adaptor) which powers the fridge. It works ok, but 20 Lts doesn't quite cut it. I was thinking of fabricating a tank (either out of plastic or aluminium) which could take up the space between the rear seats and the back of the drawers. Pretty much between the 2 rear wheel arches. I worked it out that the proposed tank would hold a volume of water a touch over 30 Lts, which is at least a 30% +/- improvement. Everything I've researched on the www is either too big - to accomodate a fridge on a slider as well - or impractical (takes up room on the rear seat foot area)                                                     I'm certainly open for suggestions on this tricky one, but suffice to say, putting any water storage up high is out of the question, as your whole C of G is going to be compromised. But that's just my opinion ;-)

4. Lastly: In terms of mods in general, which do you consider your most favourite/coolest modification to your 76 series? For me I have a couple favourites. An aftermarket cruise control and the Taipan 3" mandrel bent exhaust. 

Cheers all. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy travels!

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