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Kluger low oil warning indication


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Have you checked your oil level? If the level is correct, have the oil pressure tested. Avoid driving it until this has been done as you may cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

If all of this is fine; only then, look to see if the sensor is functioning correctly.

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Hi This is my first post on this forum.

I have a 2006 SU20 and recently the oil pressure light came on.  I stopped and got the car to a mechanic who replaced the oil pressure switch and did an oil flush.  I took it for a spin but after 10 k's at 100km/hr the light came back on.  

I've also got a loud ticking coming from the motor which sounds like tappet noise.


Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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Time for another oil and filter change and possibly another oil flush. May be worthwhile having a look at this URL 


Check the engine for oil sludge. If necessary, remove the lower oil pan and check the oil pick up tube. 


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Thanks for that.  I had a service done today as well and they said they took out a bit of sludge.  Mind you, I don't know if they took of the oil pan.  They also said that they did an oil pressure test and it was within specification 70-75 psi (does that sound right?).

The link is an ugly story - says a lot for using good oil.

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Located the following URL which mentions a critical value range for low oil pressure.


Best to use an oil within the recommended viscosity range as per the owner's manual and the best specification; latest is SN or GF-5.

Also lots of regular oil and filter changes especially if mostly short distance driving.

I have done postings about my experiences with engine oil sludge removal in the 2GR-FE engines for my 2006 Aurion and recently purchased 2009 Aurion.

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