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Orange low oil level light coming on - 1997 Hiace Commuter 3L motor


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Hi all,

really hoping that someone here can help.

I own a 1997 LH125R Diesel Hiace Commuter which has a 2.8litre 3L motor.

My problem is that the low oil level warning light (not the red oil pressure light) comes on at random times when i am driving, but i know there is plenty of oil in the motor.

Oil and filter regularly changed. Just installed a new oil pressure sender switch in order to eliminate that.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for the interest and the reply Trent, a wiring issue is a possibility but i am damned if i can work out how the oil level sensor works. Is there a separate sensor/sender (similar to the oil pressure sender) for the oil level side of the system? Certainly the Tridon catalogue does not list a part. I am guessing the sensor would be somewhere on the sump? Really hoping someone out there might know. I was thinking of cross posting to the Hilux forum on account of some of their models running the 3L motor as well.

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There is no point cross posting as this can be seen when viewing latest posts.

The sensor should be in the sump. Once you find it, unplug the connector and see if the light goes out or stays on. A very crude way of testing the wiring will be to use a small piece of wire or paper clip in either of the (should be)two pins. Check the light again. 

If the light is switching on and off, the wiring should be ok and the sensor will be an issue.

It is relatively common for oil level sensors to fail due to the environment they work in.

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Thanks again Trent,

I will roll it up on the ramps and have a poke around the sump in a couple of days time and report back on what i find.

Until then, thanks again.

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