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2014 Prius V MFD malfunction

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Has anyone experienced this ?

A few days ago, the radio/multifunction display on my 2014 Prius V started behaving weirdly all day. While I was driving and listening to the radio, it suddenly went off and the multifunction display screen went blank. A few seconds later it came back on, the radio came on then both went off again.  It kept doing this repeatedly.

I tried to turn it off using the radio power button and could not turn it off. None of the other control buttons worked, the steering wheel remote buttons didn't work either. The only way it would turn off was when the engine was powered off.

The next morning I turned on the engine and the radio came on as normal.  It worked normally for a few minutes and then started misbehaving as the previous day. I engaged reverse to back out of the garage and the rear camera did not display on the MFD screen as it should. The radio just kept turning off and on indefinitely until I powered off the engine.  Throughout the day, occasionally it would work normally just for a few minutes.

I took a couple of videos showing this.  They can be viewed at these youtube links.

Behaviour with only the Accessory power on: https://youtu.be/K8WMiaTrfO4

Behaviour with engine power on: https://youtu.be/1806tnHdhQE

Later on in the evening when it behaved normally, I quickly turned off the radio using the radio power button.  The next day, after powering it on again, everything was normal again, as though nothing had happened! Since then everything has been normal.

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I was going to the next day but since the unit is now behaving normally, they won't be able to reproduce the fault. So it's likely they will not do anything.

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