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What sort of tyres (245/55/19) for Kluger these days?

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Hi People,

Tyres on my 2010 Kluger are due for replacement (245/55/19). I bought the car a few years ago with Bridgestone Dueler D400 on it.

The tyres have done about 50K. 

D400's are very quiet and comfortable, as you all know. Is there any other tyre that you guys would recommend these days?

I would even like to go a size or so wider if possible.





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Don't go wider, I did and it felt like a snail off the lights.

Though one of the biggest benefit for me was the wider tyres plants itself very securely when turning corners compared to the stock width. Fuel consumption wise well it's a wider tyre so it naturally goes up further. 

I've done Toyo Teo Plus, supremely quiet and now ridding on Pirelli Verde All Season who are just as good with the exception of 'less' racing trend pattern compared to the Teo Plus. 

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What I would recommend is to only buy known quality brand tyres. My personal preference is for tyres with characteristics of a shorter braking distance, good/excellent wet weather performance and longevity.

I regularly look at tyre reviews on the internet and recently saw a USA video where used tyres [possibly Michelin, maybe Perelli] having a shorter braking distance than a new tyre from a competing brand [e.g. GoodYear].

This URL may be a starting point for your own internet searches.

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I have had Michelin Latitude 245/60R18s on mine for the past 40k/k and would have them again.
Still a lot of wear left... easy 20-30k/k more, they are quiet and grip well.  Running 38 psi.
Certainly a big improvement over the factory Dunlops it came with on the 17" rims. 

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