2003 Camry clock and automatic gear shift light not working

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Hi all, 

My 2003 Camry Altise clock, automatic gear shift lights and climate control lights don't turn on.

Now all that I have tried is checking the instrument panel fuses to see if any had blew out but they are all fine.

There has been a few times where they would all work fine but this only lasts until I turn the car is completely off.

The lights and clock haven't turned on for about a month now and was wondering if anyone had a solution to this?


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Might be worth a read: 

There is also a search box at the top of the page, which may net you results to some questions that you may have.

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Yes I saw that although that just seems to be about the clock itself not including gear shift and climate control lights. Is it possible that the clock PCB also controls the lights as well? 

I've searched around for a while but couldn't find a solution. 



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