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Prius HV Battery - new or reconditioned?

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I recently got a 2005 Prius, it needs a new HV battery (or at least it's not working properly). Fan goes on almost straight away, engine never turns off. Big triangle warning light and a couple of others. The "Problem" notification on the Touch screen. Went for a drive today and got another "Problem" with main battery symbol on the Touch screen. Car had bad acceleration, engine higher revs, electric motor not in use afaik. So the battery is the first step to fix it ;p

Should I go for a new one (about $3k installed or maybe I can do it myself) or should I look for a reconditioned one?

Car has done ~200,000km, everything else seems ok so far.


Another question, is there a warranty on the batteries if you do it yourself?

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It is definitely the HV battery .

One ore more cells are gone.

It is not worth to learn how to do it as it only comes up every few years.

Normally there is no warranty on batteries you install your self as many things can go wrong.

There are shops in Sydney and Melbourne who do an exchange with  reconditioned batteries and give a warranty.

In Tasmania , it may be best to use Toyota


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Personally, if the vehicle condition is generally good then just replace the battery with a new battery from Toyota. I haven't seen reconditioned batteries provide much longevity personally but that's just my opinion.

Read below:


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