Lewy Choc McDonald

LED Light Bar w/ Wiring Harness - Help

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Hi all,

I have recently mounted and wired up a light bar on a 2004 model Hilux.
No problems to mount and the wiring made simple by a wiring harness delivered with the light...
The problem is...
The Light bar can be switched on (via a switch included in the wiring harness kit) on both high AND low beam. I am led to believe in NSW this is illegal (although that is not my major issue funnily enough). 

Does anyone know how I can fix this? So that the 'path' is not complete until high beams are switched on, so that when I'm cruising along with the light bar switch flicked, and the high beams on, all it takes is too touch my high beams off and the light bar ultimately turns off too, regardless of whether or not it's switch is on?

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Easy done.

Grab a multimeter or test light and source a wire that is only live when the switch is in the high beam position. Use that as your tigger wire for your relay on the light bar.

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