Engine misfire/spluttering

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Hello all, was wondering if the forum guru's could help me. Out of the blue the old girl has decided that every time she goes around a right hand corner, it wants to misfire or splutter. It doesn't happen for left hand turns, but also happens under heavy braking. I have also noted that it doesn't seem to happen whilst in Neutral. Things I have tested are:
Turning right slowly
Dropping a gear whilst turning
Placing it into neutral whilst turning (Didn't splutter)
 If anyone has any advice or may know a fix, let me know please. Has also just had a complete rebuild, if that information is necessary.

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Full tank, it might also help to note that I have been getting considerably more economy since the rebuild.

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I would be leaning towards a fuel pump/fuel pickup issue.

Without having eyes on or diagnosing the vehicle, it makes it hard to give an accurate answer.

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