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Repairing console adjustable air vents

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Hey guys

Had a bit of an oops detailing the center console and broke the left hand air vent outlet.

Is it possible to pop the vent out of the housing to repair or replace it?




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If it's the centre HVAC vents then you can pull the entire front panel out easily (just take the knobs off the heater controls and unplug the wiring for the hazards/rear demister).  The centre vents pivot on little nubs cast in to the plastic, they _should_ just pop out if you give them a firm tug towards the rear of the car but it can be hard getting a good grasp on them (which is why removing the panel would be a good idea, gives it a chance to flex a little too).


I've got a spare set of vents that I'll have a look at when I get home

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Centre vents do just pull straight out, you can see the nub on the surround and the pocket on the vent which holds them in place

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