Help needed sourcing parts: steering rack end, tie rod end

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So on trying to get my alignment done, I am told my steering system is all seized up and my alignment is majorly out, thus chewing away my tyres. The existing parts are totally seized and apparently no amount of leverage, heat etc will get them apart: thus I am told I need to replace the "steering rack end" and "tie rod end". Neither of these appear in the mechanic's database, and Toyota says they have none, and have never supplied any into Australia.  Can anyone recommend a source for such parts, or know of any equivalent model with the same parts?

Any help appreciated.

Vehicle = 2001 Estima MCR40


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Don't know if your model is similar in steering but mine had seized adjuster sleeves on the tie rods, making it impossible to change the alignment "toe in".  The adjuster sleeves have a split down the length of them allowing moisture/water to get in.  If yours is similar then a warning, do not place excessive force or grip on these sleeves as they will distort out of shape and maybe even fracture causing them to become unusable if they do free up.  It took about 4 days but keep spraying WD40, CRC or Nulon into the split and allow to soak, repeat twice a day, watch out for over spray that you don't hit the brake discs.  When trying to grip them don't grab the center as its hollow there, try the ends where rod end is threaded in so it won't collapse.  When you get them apart thoroughly clean off rust, internal and external, then apply ant-seize to thread before re-installing.  Must check the sleeve has not cracked or collapsed (gone out of round) where mechanics have been twisting on it with vice grips etc.  Before disturbing the sleeves try and measure how far they are screwed in so you can put them back in same place and then your alignment will at least be drive-able.

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