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Stereo upgrade - stock (no aux) to stock (ft0015a)


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I'm about to purchase a Ft0015a Bluetooth unit to install into my 08 Aurion. Anyone done this before? Anything I should be wary of?

All help and tips appreciated. Thanks

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 I'm pretty sure they can be plugged straight in the only thing i'm not sure of the is the plug for the mic.


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Slotted in and plugged in fine for anyone thinking of doing the upgrade.

Mic is in the front of the unit and Bluetooth works great. Anyone added an after-market reversing camera to this unit?

Unit taken from a 2010 Camry Hybrid fitted to a 2008 Aurion Touring.


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Yes, I believe they are just over $100 on ebay, though I am not too keen on the effort required to thread the wiring through. I have reverse beepers and no towball, so don't see much need other than it would be cool to have. My main aim was to have usb, bluetooth and aux. The USB is awesome though it doesn't always let me scroll through the folder view, what's with that? Also, USB SEEK is a bit slow, moving only a few seconds back or forward at a time. Have you installed the camera?

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Me? No, I still have the stock 6 stacker, but i have a genuine Bluetooth kit and an after market IPod adapter. So I've got all the functions you have, just don't have the screen for a reverse cam.

if I was smart, I would have bought the Presara, then it's comes with all that and much more, but then taken the rear veiw mirror out of the hiace (because it has a screen in it for the reverse cam) and put the cam on the front bar or trailer.

but I wasn't haha


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