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Hi guys I was just wondering what transmission fluid goes in my partners Toyota corolla 2004.  I have some penrite dx-111 at home can I use this? 

Thanks guys 

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Please don't bump a post because you haven't gotten a response within 2 hours. Be patient.

Have you looked at the lubrication section located at the rear of the Owner's Manual?

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I do a Google search for Lubrication Guide Penrite or Lubrication Guide Castrol etc.

Best to check it yourself but it appears that the a full or semi-synthetic transmission fluid is recommended for your vehicle. 

Anyway a full synthetic transmission fluid has better performance characteristics than Dextron III. This is why I just buy and use

synthetic ATF in the auto transmission of my various vehicles.  Dextron III can be used in the Power Steering, if it is recommended in the Lubrication Guide.


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