help ! scratched car need to know how much is a panel respray/paint for ?

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Ive got a corolla ascent sport hatchback and I scratched the rear bumper so badly i die a little every time I see the damage. I am at limbo on whether to go and get it done through insurance or to be practical and pay for it out of my own pocket (if it is cheaper). Ive got an excess of 700 and with the cover ive got i am able to choose whoever repairs it and the guy also said that there is a lifetime guarantee but I just need to get as much information to make an informed decision. I really want it to be back to its original state. the colour of my car is called "inferno" - burnt sunset/orange-ey colour.  I am also thinking of doing the repaint through a toyota paint specialist. I called a couple of them and they were unable to give me a quote over the phone which is fair however I just need an estimate of how much it will cost/save time driving.

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A few years ago, we had the rear bumper on the 1998 Camry resprayed [white] for about $200. Today's price should be about $300; just guessing.

Have you considered getting a quote from mobile scratch and dent repairer. Expect to pay $60 to $100.

Depending upon the location of the scratch, consider a sticker or bumper protector. Here is one example on eBay.

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